First feel of DevTalks

I am one of the lucky participants of this special DevTalks edition. I say special because about everything is reinvented. Everything you were able to do physically at the conference is meant to allow you to do virtually, from the comfort of your desk… or couch.

Expo area

There’s a nice welcome page that, for me, it feels perfect. There’s a journey guide that walks you through all that is happening there. There’s a chat for every stand you’re visiting, there are (geek’s favorite) quizzes for many companies exposed to expo area (picture above). By the way, this page loads pretty well. The main chat is meant to allow you to talk or video-call with any participant at the conference. I didn’t manage to use it, though, probably because is not yet the official opening hour or because I use Ubuntu. Haha.

There’s also a nice speakers page where you can easily find a favorite speaker and access their presentation. The page of guests allows you to find any registered participant at this conference.

The general feel I experienced is great. DevTalks were able to reinvent themselves in a short amount of time. This time the audience had no expectations giving our global context. And they made to give us the feel like the future is here. Obviously, this is not perfect, there are plenty of UX optimization or support optimizations that they can do to make the experience even better. But as a first feel, the balance hangs pretty well on the good impression side.

I personally look forward to the next experience. Good job, DevTalks!

The pictures are screenshots from the DevTalks website.


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